Calibration laboratory Pemit, Ltd.
In April 2007 calibration laboratory PEMIT, Ltd. obtained the accreditation in the area of perssure and temperature measurement by ČIA (Czech Institute for accreditation).




Indicated value: Pressure (at customer / in laboratory)
Deformation and digital pressure gauge - 80 kPa až + 34,5 MPa
Pressure sensors and sensors of differential pressure with electrical signal transmitter SMART, HART - 80 kPa až + 34,5 MPa
Indicated value: Temperature (at customer / in laboratory)
Resistance temperature sensors - 25°C až + 600°C
Thermo-electrical temperature sensors - 25°C až + 1100°C
Temperature sensors with electrical signal transmitter (calibration as a whole) - 25°C až + 1100°C
Glass thermometer - 25°C až + 200°C
Direct reading temperature sensors - 25°C až + 1100°C

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CONFIRMATION OF MEASURING INSTRUMENTS outside the scope of accreditation

  •    Temperature sensorslakové spínače
  •    Thermostats
  •    Pressure sensors
  •    Pressure switches
  •    Magnetic flow meter
  •    Density measurement
  •    pH analyzers
  •    Conductivity measurement
  •    Dissolved oxygen measurement
  •    Analysis


  •    Metrology: branch of science concerning measurement
  •    Measurement: activities aimed at indication of value of a quantity
  •    Indicated value: more specific value, that is the aim of measurement
  •    Calibration: complex of activities in which the relation between value of a quantity indicated by meter and related value realized by etalon is determined
  •    Etalon: measure, meter or measuring system intended for definition of one value or values of a quantity using for reference purposes

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